Vietnam War Uniforms & Equipment

Vietnam War Headgear
Headgear Helmets, Hats, Boonies, Caps and Masks
Vietnam War Uniforms
Uniforms Tropical Combat Uniforms, Fatigues, ERDL, Tiger Stripes and Flight Suits
Vietnam War Footwear
Footwear Jungle Boots and Shoes
Vietnam War Clothing Accessories
Clothing Accessories Gloves, Belts and Underwear
Vietnam War Rain & Sleeping Gear
Rain & Sleeping Gear Coats, Ponchos, Shelters and Hammocks
Vietnam War Body Armor
Body Armor Flak Vests, Flak Shorts and Bullet Proof Armor
Vietnam War Individual Equipment
Individual Equipment Load Carrying Equipment, Rucksacks, Canteens, Shovels and Bandoleers
Vietnam War Existence Gear
Existence Gear Rations, Mess Gear and Insect Repellents
Vietnam War Survival Kit
Survival Kit Life Preservers and Individual Survival Kits
Vietnam War Specialist Equipment
Specialist Equipment Demolition Gear, Recon Gear, Medics Gear and Parachutist's Equipment
Vietnam War Insignia
Insignia Unit, Rank and Qualification Insigia
Vietnam War Radios
Radios Portable Radios and Accessories
Vietnam War Weapons
Weapons Knives, Rifles, Machine Guns and Grenades
Vietnam War Personal Items
Personal Items Tour Jackets and Miscellaneous Personal Items
Vietnam War Manuals & Paper Items
Manuals & Paper Items Guide Books, Manuals, Magazines and Money etc.
Vietnam War Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Captured Items, Flags, Badges and Pins etc.
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