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Served with the 57th Trans Co. 1962-1963 and with the 120th Trans Co. 1965
Manuel O. Leon, Lawton, OK

12 October 2021

Proud to have served
Paul Brauer, Dong Tam 67-69 MRF 1097 Th

11 August 2021

Squad leader, 3rd platoon, Delta company, 1/3 Third Div., 1969-1979
Don Huggins, Eudora KS

18 July 2021

Serving on the hospital ship USS REPOSE off the DMZ I had to leave the ship on emergency leave. General ABRAMS was visiting the REPOSE and permitted use of his personal helo O'REILLY to shuttle me to PHUBAI for a flight home. Can anyone tell me more about his staff or the shows I was in country.
Roman Garcia, Santa Fe, NM

14 July 2021

Love this page, GIs. photos
Trieu, Vietnam

22 April 2021

366 BCE Danang 71/72
Russell Doucett, Tucson Az

31 March 2021

I was RTO with 2/14 25th Inf. Oct 66-67 in Cu Chi. Anyone else?
Jerry Tracey, Cincinnati, Ohio

05 January 2021

Vietnam 69-70 212th Military Police Sentry Dogs.
Welcome Home.

Bob Bibb, Cincinnati

25 December 2020

Iam SFC Vietnamese interpreter.
Service : Advisory Team 90
Hieu Thien District , Tay Ninh Province
South Viet Nam


22 December 2020

For a humble collector - great site!
Kjell Arne Ramstad, Moss, Norway

04 December 2020

2 finger's to the brow. Thank you is not a big enough word.
To my soldiers:
No folded flag, no dogtag, no hat on top of gun no unlaced boots because I'll still have them on,
I'm walking out the same way I came in.
Eli G.

ElĂ­ G, San Bernardino, California

30 October 2020

My uncle was Richard F Mason. 4th BN, 503RD INFANTRY, 173RD ABN BDE, USARV. I've been trying to find some footage of Richard and was wondering if there were any pictures of him or video with him in it.
Cheryl Mason, Erwin, NC

01 May 2020

Trying to contact Clay Curtis. We were together in MAC V SOG
Jim Frerichs, Brookings, OR

01 May 2020

RIP George Ronald Martin, 101st Airborne
Orlando C., Scotland

02 April 2020

Great information source for reenactors!
Ryan Witkowski, Michigan

04 October 2019

looking for anyone that knew Sgt. Chester Groncki, MACV SOG Vietnam 1966-67
Carol Groncki, Florida

02 October 2019

7/69 TO 12/70 Proud to have been a part of this amazing place!
operational from 1964-DEC 1970
You had to bet your life to graduate from the Vietnam-era Recondo school
the school itself receiving a nickname of its own: "the deadliest school on earth".


02 September 2019

Vietnam 3/65-4/66. Stationed in Saigon and Phu Bai with the 3rd RRU and 8th RRU. RRU stood for Radio Research Unit, the cover name given to the Army Security Agency by DIRNSA, when we first arrive in VN 5/61. We supplied the intelligence to all Army Combat units sent to Vietnam.
The first unit to be deployed to South Vietnam belonged to the United States Army Security Agency (ASA) as did the first to be decorated. They deployed to Vietnam four years in advance of major ground combat elements. The history is also the story of individual sacrifice and professionalism on the part of the ASA soldiers….Major General Keith B. Alexander (Director of National Security Agency)..Will the story of the Unsung Heroes of the Unknown Army Unit ever be told? HR2970 can you help?

Cecil . Carver, Charlotte, NC

27 August 2019

spent a few days with llrp-9th div ([eco50th) sharing stories and able to help when you were surrounded by hundreds of vc
sp4 kenny koziol, prek kloc,1967 green beret camp

22 August 2019

USAF,aircraft mechanic on EC-47,Pleiku Air Base,Nov68/Nov69.
Rickey Coleman, Monroe,Georgia

07 April 2019

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