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I was with K/75 & E Co. 173rd Recon during 70-71. Graduated Recondo school in 70, worn Jed out of An Khe & LZ English, be good to hear from guys from that period.
Clark Ricke, Tampa, FL

19 November 2014

Served MACV-SOG, Saigon July 67 - July 68.
LARRY CARTER, Oklahoma City, OK

18 November 2014

served in Cantho, Viet Nam March 1967-March 1968. 156th Aviation Company. anyone out there serve with me?
Wesley E. Overman, Franklinton, North Carolina

18 November 2014

5th S.F.G. lot's of time on (LEGHORN) rest with "RHADE" & "YARD's in bush.. glad to be home! remember all who did'nt!!!!
steve crain, colorado

27 October 2014

In Country Oct. 67 Jan. 69 Co.A 504th Military Police Welcome Home
Melton Smith, Ash North Carolina

20 October 2014

looking for any info regarding battle on April 5, 1967 involving C company 2nd battalion/7th cavalry
David, United States

19 October 2014

I'm trying to find Johnny wells salcon hope someone can help
linda carmack, Clyde tx

14 October 2014

My neighbor, James Nannemann, died Oct. 10 2014. Was the last of his Navy SEALS team 7.
Judith Frondle, United States

13 October 2014

I'm trying to find anyone who served in Vietnam with my dad in 1966-67 HIS name is Joseph Papatola Nickname "Pappy" I'm trying to find out everything I can so he can get what he deserves from being there.
Pamela Leighton, New Hampshire

10 October 2014

117th AML 5/65-5/66 from Ft. Riley 1st inf. div. Looking for anyone that served with or knows me. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Albert M. Hall?
John Gallegos, NE Arkansas

24 September 2014

Vung Tau in country 1968-1970 then again 1971-1972. Brown water navy. Tutuilla
Michael Pfenning, Washougal, Washington

02 September 2014

9th Infantry A Co 3/47 INF. In country Jan '67 to Jan '68. Served with a great group of guys
Larry Pagnoni, Long Island NY

01 September 2014

Looking for any one in the 9th
James Rosselli, Dong Tam 9th 68/69

31 August 2014

dec 1967 to dec 1968 D company.tet 68 kontum
john wick, now colorado

29 August 2014

1968 1969 1506 Pac Postal Courier Region
Milt Jackson, Cam Rahn Bay 68-69

29 August 2014

Looking for those who served with me.
Joel Weisberg, Advisor 1st ARVN - Hue - July '68-June '69

29 August 2014

131st SAC Feb 68 to Feb 69 A/C Mechanic and Clerk
Douglas E. Grether, Phu Bai

13 August 2014

774 T.A.S. C-130B Flight Mechanic 1968
David E. Peterson, Saigon

05 August 2014

1/83rd FA Oct 68 to May 70
John J Reilly, Phu Bai / Hue

04 August 2014

1967 & 68 tango 92-13 searching for coxwains of other tango 92 crews any help much greatful. david
david howington, cleveland, ga.

06 July 2014