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I was in the 629th' Supply Company 1968- 1969. And D Co. USAD IN 1970
Darrell Broome, Rolla, mo

11 September 2015

Two tours Mar70-Mar 71 Co A, 361st Signal Bt,1st Signal Br. Sept 71-Aug 72 MACV Team 3 Hue City/Camp Eagle
Tom Coleman, Mt. Jackson, Va

13 August 2015

Served at Dong Tam 2/69-1/70 on YRB-17. Repaired radios and radars on alpha & tango boats.
Dale Pugmire, Billngs, MT

11 August 2015

I would like to thank all the Vietnam veterans and thier families. I am a Vietnam reenactor to help educate the public about what yall went through, so once again thanks for your service.
Theodore A. Machacek, Cibolo, Texas

02 June 2015

looking for troopers from CCS 1970
RT pick,RT Hammer

Charles W Davis, New Jersey

20 May 2015

Served under Gen. Abrams in Germany. V Corp LRRP ABN.(62-64)Wildflecken & Frankfurt. Many hours on the East German border. Not fun. Look up Sgt. Jerry Schriver a good friend MIA Viet Nam. Three good friends lost in VN. Sgt Schriver, Sgt M. Newberry, Lt. Grady Triplett(friendly fire) Welcome home vets.
Terry L. McClure, Quartzsite, AZ

09 May 2015

Looking for any one with the 629th Ordnance Supply and 178th Ordnance Supply Qui Nhon, South Vietnam. Have had 10 reunions.
Gary L Matthews, Neola, Iowa

15 April 2015

USMC 1968 1972 E5 Sgt. MP 105's need a dummy round
Charles L Lunsford , Okla

04 April 2015

USMC 1968 tO 1969,2nd CAG III MAF CAP 2-4-4,I would like to hear Marines who were there from 1/69 to 7/69.SF
Garion Hines, United States

19 March 2015

Hey guys. I just want to thank everyone that was involved with the war. If anyone wants to share their hardships with me, just let me know.
--Grant Zawodniak, 17

Grant Zawodniak, Ellicott City, Maryland

09 March 2015

I served on the Staff of CTF-116 in Binh Thuy, Mekong Delta, Vietnam, under Capt Paul Nagel Gray, and also as a Patrol Officer from June 1967 to June 1968. I went out for some 30 - 40 patrols out of the Binh Thuy base during that period and also did support roles for US Navy SEAL ops on many occasions. I knew many of the officers of the SEALs from that era.
Gary W. Reynolds, Seattle, WA

06 March 2015

Trying to make contact with Seal Gary Sullivan of California
Kerry Posey, Beaverton, MI

04 March 2015

Thank you to all. I was wanting to find some info on my dad, Jerry Rhames. He served in Vietnam war. He has passed now, if anyone has any info, pictures etc. i would greatly appreciate it..
eve Kowis, United States

19 February 2015

Vietnam 68-69 1st/22inf co hhq a co dco love to hear from all u guys!
sgt ronald c wheeler, ft myers fla

14 February 2015

Have amazing respect for the Veterans who fought for our freedom and risked their lives for us
Jacob Hall, Sydney, Australia

13 February 2015

Sailfish was our radio call sign,looking fo anybody in my unit who served
JOE"WOP" CARACAPPA, 1st Recon,Delta Co.,11/67-12/68

31 January 2015

Anyone know or heard of CAPT. Cole Capt. Carlos Or Sgt. Parker Viet Nam 70-71
Anthony ( Joe) Glemzu, Winchester Va.

22 January 2015

I have just scanned all of my father's vietnam 110 slides. He was a Cobra pilot from 67 to 68. Passed away in 92. Kevin O'Brien. Fort Rucker class 67-23B.
Sean O'Brien, Southern California

15 January 2015

Looking for anyone in unit who served from August 1970 to August 1971
Richard O. Torres, 101st Airborn Div 326th Med Btn Bravo Co Phu Bai

08 January 2015

I am looking for guys that served with 1/11 acr c-troop in Vietnam 1966-67
james h. howe, york sc

04 January 2015