Vietnam War Photos - Soldiers

Members of Company B, 2nd Battalion, 173rd Airborne prepare for the first major ground combat operation by U.
Reconnaissance team members of the 28th Infantry, 1st Infantry Division wear spotted (Beo-Gam) camouflage bush hats during operation Billings.
A Member of Company.
A member of the 101st Airborne on Operation Van Buren sets fire to a village hut containing Viet Cong rice stocks.
A rifleman of the 101st Airborne scans the tree line ahead while crossing an inundated area in January 1966.
A tiger stripe clad reconnaissance team member of the 101st Airborne prepares to blow a bunker as part of Operation Van Buren.
After leaving their CH-21 helicopter ARVN soldiers slog through the water of a rice paddy to begin an attack on the Viet Cong.
A young soldier from the South Vietnamese Popular Forces stands guard duty.
Vietnamese Rangers receive a course of instruction on demolitions from an advisor to the 77th Ranger Detachment.
Sergeant Howard Stevens, Advisor to the 77th Ranger Det, conducts a class on care and maintenance of the M-1 rifle.
Marine photographer Sgt.
A Radio Telephone Operator (RTO)of the 101st Airborne on patrol near Mai Loc, twelve miles from the DMZ.
Louis Galanos with his M2 Carbine in front of the classified documents office at the United States Army Support Command in Qui Nhon.
ARVN infantrymen display propaganda leaflets and a flag captured by them during a drive against Viet Cong guerrillas.
Captain David Helela, MAAG Advisor, with members of the Vietnamese 21st Division aboard a CH-21 helicopter travelling to a combat drop zone.
A rifle squad of the 173rd Airborne on a search and destroy mission in Phuoc Tuy province (III Corps), late in 1966.
Members of the 1st Platoon, Co ā€˜Cā€™, 4th Bn.
Senior officers arrive with Robert E.
A machine gunner and a rifleman from the 5th Marine Regiment fire at the enemy near the DMZ in Vietnam.
Major General Louis B.
A member of the 101st Airborne questions a Viet Cong suspect during operation Van Buren.
Three soldiers of the 173rd Airborne take a rest from their assault on Hill 875, near Dak To (Central Highlands).
Paratroopers of the 4th Battalion, 173rd Airborne prepare defensive positions against a possible NVA counter-attack on Hill 875 near Dak To (Central Highlands).
A Staff Sergeant of Company B, 1st Battalion, 505th Infantry, 82nd Airborne scans the terrain ahead whilst a on patrol in early 1968.
A duck-hunter (Beo-Gam) clad pilot looks out from his helicopter after touching down.
Weapons captured by USMC and ARVN troops during Operation Colorado are inspected by (right to left) Prime Minister Nguyen Cao Ky, Lt.
A Self Defense Corps irregular demonstrates the fire direction arrow at outpost Ly Van Manh.
Corporal Daniel Richendollar stands next to his XM3 24-tube 2.
A rifle squad of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry, 1st Infantry Division stop to examine a PRT-4 radio transmitter and PRR-9 receiver.
Members of Co.
Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne await an airlift on operation Francis Marion.
A squad of the 173rd Airborne on a search and destroy mission in Binh Duong province north of Saigon.
A machine gunner of the 101st Airborne sits with a commanding view near Tuy Hoa (II Corps).
MAAG advisors after receiving medals for valor at the battle of Ap Bac on 2nd January 1963.
MAAG Advisors Lt.
MACV advisor Major Bruce Carswell stands in front of a U.
MACV advisors Croft, Houser, O'Neil, Barton and Fisher enjoy a break with ARVN officer Phoi, whilst at An Phu in the northern reaches of Mekong Delta.
An officer and R.
Madame Ho Thi Que, The Tiger Lady, courageously served in combat with the South Vietnamese 44th Ranger Battalion in the early 1960's.
Soldiers from Co.
MAAG Advisor Captain William Johnston discusses the defense of outpost Ly Van Manh with Captain Tran Tien Khang, CO of the 1st Bn.
2nd Lt.
Riflemen with the 3rd Platoon, Co 'D', 3rd Bn.
ARVN Rangers show off a haul of VC weapons captured during an operation near Soc Trang in the Mekong Delta.
Two soldiers of the 9th ARVN Division near An Khe on QL 19 (Route 19) which ran from Qui Nhon to Pleiku.
A Radioman comforts his friend who had just survived a battle during Operation Byrd in which nearly his entire platoon was wiped out.
The Three Servicemen Statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.
Located under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, this brass pavement plaque commemorates the fighters of the first Indochina war.
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