Vietnam War Photos - Mobile Riverine Force

The Mobile Riverine Force combined the 2d Brigade of Army’s 9th Infantry Division with the Navy’s Riverine Assault Force (Task Force 117) to conduct combat operations along the waterways of the Mekong Delta. Between February 1967 and mid 1968 Armored Troop Carriers (ATC), protected by Monitor gunboats and Assault Support Patrol Boats (ASPB), transported the Army soldiers to battle against the Viet Cong.

In November 1968 the MRF was integrated with its sister Coastal Surveillance and River Patrol Forces. Under operation Sealords (South East Asia Lake, Ocean, River and Delta Strategy), the newly combined brown water fleet successfully blocked the infiltration of enemy men and supplies from Cambodia and pacified large parts of the Delta region. The armored craft of TF-117 were gradually turned over to the Vietnamese Navy (VNN) from February 1969 until the MRF’s deactivation in the August.

A Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) of the 9th Infantry Division takes evasive action whilst on an operation in the Mekong Delta.
The Monitor, so named due to of its resemblance of the Civil War ironclad, was the Riverine Assualt Force’s battleship.
An early flame-throwing Tango Boat (ATC-92-2) unleashes its deadly fire on the riverbank near Dong Tam in the Mekong Delta.
Navy Armored Troop Carriers (ATC) were used to take 9th Infantry soldiers and Vietnamese Marines into combat throughout the Delta.
M60 gunners of the 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division board a Navy armored troop carrier (ATC) after a Search and Destroy operation.
An officer of the 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division calls for support whilst pinned down by sniper fire near Ben Tre.
Members of the 47th Infantry, 2d Brigade, 9th Infantry Division search a village near Ben Tre.
PFC Raymond Rumpa of 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division carries an M67 90mm recoilless rifle during an attack on a VC base camp at My Tho in the Mekong Delta.
A squad of the 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division cross a stream during Operation Hot Tac.
Douche boats, Armored Troop Carriers (ATC) converted to carry a water cannon, were capable of washing away the enemy riverbank mud bunkers, which would stand up to howitzer fire.
A column of Armored Troop Carriers (ATC) head down a hibiscus choked river in the Mekong Delta.
The APB (Auxiliary Personnel Barge) was a self-propelled barracks ship that supported riverine craft in the Mekong Delta.
An aerial view of an Aid Boat- an Armored Troop Carrier (ATC) with a helicopter landing pad fitted over the foredeck.
An Assault Air-Cushion Vehicle prepares to take part in Operation Bruong Cong Dinh at Dong Tam in South Vietnam's Mekong Delta.
A Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) of the 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division aboard an Armored Troop Carrier (ATC) near Thoi Tan Island.
An Air-Cushion Vehicle from the ACV Unit of the 9th Inf.
9th Infantry Division soldiers use a local sampan to cross a river near Long An in the Mekong Delta.
A Navy Armored Troop Carrier (ATC) waits near Ben Tra to take Company "A", 4th Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division to another location along the river.
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