Vietnam War Photos - SOG

The Studies and Observations Group (SOG) was formed in 1964 to conduct various clandestine activities in North Vietnam, which included infiltrating agents, maritime interdiction and psychological warfare. It subsequently also became responsible for covert cross-border operations into Laos and Cambodia. Between 1965 and 1970 / 71, reconnaissance teams led by Special Forces soldiers crossed the fence to gather intelligence on enemy movements, conduct bomb damage assessments and plant sensors and booby-trapped Communist ammunition on the Ho Chi Minh trail. Towards the end of the war these secret and hazardous missions were exclusively conducted by ARVN and indigenous personnel. However, the U.S. led Special Mission Force, which was part of Strategic Technical Directorate Assistance Team 158 (STDAT-158), SOG's successor, continued to perform in-country and cross-border crash site inspections and personnel recovery missions until the peace treaty was signed in January 1973.