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Chris Noel.
Chris Noel. Truly an amazing young lady.

Christmas Noel (her real name) was a model, actress and later a radio announcer for Armed Forces Radio ("Good Morning Vietnam").

Because of her sexy voice and looks she became an instant hit with the troops. She spent four years in Vietnam visiting bases and hospitals. Her helicopter was shot down twice and the Viet Cong had a bounty on her head.

This photo was taken in 1967 as she was visiting wounded troops at the 82nd Evacuation Hospital in Qui Nhon. She is literally wearing one of the first miniskirts ever in Vietnam.

Prior to going to Vietnam she was cast in several movies including one with Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, because of her association with the troop visits in Vietnam some of the movie studios blacklisted her due to the growing antiwar feeling in the United States. After she returned from Vietnam she had great difficulty getting work.

Because of some of the ugly things she witnessed on her visits to combat areas she suffered from delayed stress syndrome. Many Viet vets consider her a combat veteran.
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