Jungle Boots

Developed to replace the WWII jungle boots, the Tropical Combat Boots were first standardized in August 1945.1 They featured cleated rubber soles and uppers made from leather and cotton canvas. (Though in the original spec the quarters and tongue were made from spun nylon duck, cotton has been used in the boots pictured.) The boots also boasted two screened drainage eyelets sunken into the inside arch and had six lace eyelets and two leather straps with brass buckles, regardless of size.

The Tropical Combat Boots were issued in Vietnam during the advisory period of the early 1960's. However, the buckles had a tendency to snag on vegetation and the sole stitching deteriorated rapidly in the jungle environment.

1. B.Q.D. No. 268 - Boots, Combat Tropical (Quartermaster Corps 25th August 1945)

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