PRC-25 Radio

  • FSN
  • 5820-857-0759
  • Specification
  • MIL-R-55137
The RT-505 / PRC-25 FM receiver/transmitter was developed by the Radio Corporation of America during the 1950's as a replacement for the PRC-10. It boasted a recommended range of 5 clicks with the short tape antenna, up to 8 clicks with the 7 section long-range (fish-pole) antenna and was powered by a dry cell battery that had an average life of 20 hours. In addition to the long and short antennas, the accessories for the radio included: The ‘Prick 25’ was tested in Vietnam during 19641 and though it wasn’t issued in significant numbers until late 1965, it became the most widely used radio of the war.

1. PRC-25, Forgotten Legend by Dennis Starks

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