Chieu Hoi: The Winning Ticket

Produced in 1968 and 1970, MACV's 'Chieu Hoi: The Winning Ticket' pamphlet contained 14 pages of brief information on the purpose and benefits of the 'open arms' amnesty program. Started in 1963, the program sought to encourage Viet Cong to come over to the government side with the promise of clemency, financial aid and job training. To this end a variety of propaganda methods were employed, including: safe conduct passes, audio broadcasts, posters, bags and leaflets.

Defectors (Hoi Chanh) not only numerically weakened the enemy, but also provided intelligence on the Viet Cong's political apparatus, weapon stashes and booby traps etc. Former VC were also used to encourage other enemy troops to rally to the RVN cause.

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