M69 Flak Vest w/ Stiffeners Velcro Fastener

  • FSN
  • 8470-122-1299 (size: Small)
  • Specification
  • MIL-B-12370
The 1969 generation M69 fragmentation protective body armor featured a front Velcro fastener rather than a zip closure and Velcro sealed pocket flaps in place of snap fasteners.1 It was available in 4 sizes for U.S. soldiers and in 3 additional smaller sizes for Vietnamese forces.2 The vest came with an accompanying manufacturer's care and use booklet.

1. The 1969 design vest was the first to be be officially given the M69 nomenclature. All prior versions (after the M1952A) were officially named 'Body Armor, Fragmentation Protective, Vest with 3/4 Collar'.
2. Personnel Armor Handbook by LT R. A. Green, J. A. Parish (U.S. Naval Weapon Laboratory June 1971)

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