Jungle First Aid Pouch

  • Specification
  • J.Q.D.-433
First standardized in August 1943, the Jungle First Aid Pouch was made from water repellent and mildew resistant cotton duck dyed olive drab shade no. seven (OD7) and boasted three internal compartments.1 It was attached to the belt via a double-hook and additional gear could be hung from the pair of eyelets on its bottom edge. The dimensions of the pouch were slightly enlarged in December 1944 and the official nomenclature was changed to Container, For Kit, Jungle, Medical, Individual, M-2.2

It is widely believed that surplus stocks of the WWII era Jungle First Aid Pouch were carried by Marines early in the Vietnam War.

1. Tentative Specification J.Q.D. No. 433 - Pouch, First Aid, Jungle. (Quatermaster Corps August 1943)
2. Tentative Specification J.Q.D No. 433C - Container, For Kit, Jungle, Medical, Individual. M-2. (Quatermaster Corps December 1944)

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