Lightweight Poncho - Tiger Stripe (Experimental)

In March 1968 Natick Labs was asked to produce a camouflage poncho for ARVN forces in Vietnam.1 The standard U.S. poncho measured 92 x 66 inches and was too large for the average Vietnamese soldier. As a result Natick produced an 82 x 60 inch version of the Lightweight Poncho printed in the 4-color ERDL camouflage. We believe that it was during the development of the ARVN ERDL poncho, that Natick experimented with this Tiger Stripe2 version.

1. Support To United States Army In Vietnam - Clothing & Organic Materials Vol II (United States Army Material Command Aug 1968)
2. Richard Johnson, author of Tiger Patterns, had named this tiger stripe the Thai Large (THL) pattern.

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