Tiger Stripe Flight Suit

This Tiger Stripe Flight Suit is made to a similar specification as the U.S. Navy Summer Flying Coveralls and features:
  • 2 slanted chest pockets with zip fasteners
  • 1 left shoulder pocket with zip fastener with an outside pen pocket
  • 2 thigh pockets with zip fasteners
  • 2 shin pockets with zip fasteners with outside pen pocket on the left
  • 2 thigh pass-through pockets with zip fasteners
  • Wrist and ankle zips
  • Adjustable waist belt with three buttons on each side
  • Ventilated armpits
  • Rounded collar
Tiger Stripe flight suits similar to this were worn by Marine Corps helicopter crews in Vietnam between 1963 and 1965.1

1. Uniforms Of The Marine Helicopter Pilots And Crewmen in Vietnam by Capt Yves F LeClair, FAF

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