Lightweight Rucksack P64

  • FSN
  • 8465-965-4416
The design of the 1964 production Lightweight Rucksack was little changed from the 1962 experimental version, however, the arch of the external tubular welded aluminum frame was less pronounced than on the prototype. The nomenclature and contract information was stamped inside the pack rather than on a label and a paper instruction sheet was sewn into the pouch flap pocket. The 1964 rucksack also featured a two-slot cargo shelf, which was used to convert the frame into a packboard or combination packboard.

The welded frame Lightweight Rucksack was also issued with an adjustable waist belt, which featured a quick release T-slot buckle. Produced in medium and large sizes, it was often used by Special Forces in Vietnam as an equipment / pistol belt.

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