Lightweight Rucksack P62

  • FSN
  • 8465-889-3773
The 1962 experimental Lightweight Rucksack consisted of an OG-106 nylon pack with an external welded frame of seamless aluminum tubing. The pack could be mounted in various positions on the frame and had more than double the capacity of the M1961 butt pack thanks to its large main compartment and three outside pockets. Each of the outside pockets had strap and buckle adjustable closures whilst the two side pockets were positioned beneath webbing equipment hangers and were tunnelled accordingly. Additional webbing hangers designed for attaching 1-quart canteens were located on each side of the pack.

The welded frame featured two vertical cargo straps and had an upper and lower horizontal back strap. The upper horizontal strap boasted a pair of hinged double eyelet webbing hangers that were designed to accommodate machete sheaths. The two shoulder straps were tied to the bottom D sections and threaded around and the top of the frame. The left strap had a quick release fastener that allowed the rucksack to be disposed of rapidly in an emergency.

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