M1956 Individual Equipment Belt

  • FSN
  • 8465-577-4925 (size: Medium)
  • Specification
  • MIL-B-40158
The M1956 pistol belt was made from 2-1/4-inch wide cotton webbing dyed olive drab shade no. 7.1 It was made in Medium (under 30-inch waist) and Large (30-inch waist and over) sizes, and unlike the M1936 belt it could be adjusted in length from both ends. The M1956 belt was initially produced with a ball-type buckle, however from 1967 it was also available with a quick-release ‘Davis’ T-slot fastener.2 With the weight taken by the M1956 suspenders the belt was used to carry a field pack, ammunition pouches, canteen covers etc.

1. Military Specification MIL-B-40158. (28 December 1960)
2. The waist belt issued with the 1964 welded-frame Lightweight Rucksack had a very similar T-slot fastener and was used as a pistol belt by Special Forces in Vietnam.

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