M1956 Sleeping Bag Carrier

  • FSN
  • 8465-647-0851
  • Specification
  • MIL-S-40157
The Sleeping Bag Carrying Strap Assembly was made from olive drab (OD7) cotton webbing and allowed a sleeping bag to be carried on the M1956 Suspenders. A strap passed over each of the wearer's shoulders and through the web keeper on the suspender's shoulder pad. In order to stop the bag swaying about, two adjustable tie down straps were provided, which passed around the sides of the wearer and attached to the loops on the suspender's front belt hooks.

Though the M1949 Mountain Sleeping Bag was used in Vietnam, U.S. Infantrymen often used the poncho liner in combination with the poncho to create a light-weight sleeping bag. This hybrid sleeping equipment was equally well suited to the carrying straps.

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