M1967 USMC Combat Field Pack

  • FSN
  • 8465-860-0337
  • Specification
  • MIL-F-28970
The nylon M1967 USMC Combat Field Pack was designed by the Marine Corps Landing Force Development Center as a replacement for the M1941 Haversack.1 The design of the pack evolved from the experimental XM1964 haversack and boasted two outside pockets in addition to the main storage compartment, which had a waterproof rubberized collar. The top flap had two side webbing hangers and one in the middle for attaching an intrenching tool carrier.

When the matching USMC M1967 suspenders were used to support an equipment belt the pack was worn on the back by clipping the top eyelets to the suspender shoulder hooks and by mating the pack’s male snap fasteners with the female fasteners on the rear suspender straps. Alternatively it could be worn as haversack by connecting both front and rear suspender straps to the D rings on the bottom of the pack.

1. Marine Corps Pack XM1964, Army Field Pack, Combat M1961(Modified) Feasibility Study. (Marine Corps Land Force Development Center 1966)

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