M1941 USMC Pack System

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The Marine Corps M1941 pack evolved from an experimental model developed during 1940 by a board of NCO's from the 5th Marines and consisted of a haversack, knapsack, blanket roll and a pair of suspenders. These components could be assembled in numerous configurations, including:
  • Light Marching Pack: Haversack only
  • Marching Pack: Haversack and Suspenders
  • Field Marching Pack: Marching Pack plus short Blanket Roll
  • Transport Pack: Marching Pack plus Knapsack
  • Field Transport Pack: Transport Pack plus long Blanket Roll
The 1944 USMC haversack design featured a roll-top rather than the original standard flap and was produced into the late 1960's. It had a blanket roll strap on the top, a side bayonet attachment and a cartridge belt supporting strap at the bottom. The haversack also had a pair of eyelets on the top flap that were designed for attaching an intrenching tool cover.

The knapsack's coupling strap could be threaded through the loops on the bottom of haversack to provide additional cargo carrying capacity, though this was rarely required in Vietnam.

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